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FACU OLAIZ (Mendoza, Argentina, 1986), is a visual artist currently residing in Madrid. Master in Photography and Personal Projects at EFTI (Madrid, Spain), brings with him a technical and computer training, where mathematics and logic make up a large part of it, like music, since he studied classical drums and percussion for more of ten years.

His interests encompass the vulnerability of the human being: how loss, fears, internal ghosts or loneliness affect people over the course of their lives and the construction of who we are. The human gesture, the grimaces, the movement or position of the hands, in short, the body language, is where Facu leans and tries to communicate with the other through only observing, of silence.

His first and recent work "TEN" speaks perfectly about these interests. Empathy and human connection, through externalizing pain, relates his continuous search to find answers in the other.

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